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Bowral Bathroom
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Bowral Bathroom

This home is truly spectacular, every room has been fitted out by the owners showing their impeccable taste in furniture and artwork selection. The owners had recently purchased the home which had previously been extended and renovated. The remaining space that was untouched was the main bathroom. This particular bathroom is used by one of the owners daily and for their guests that regularly come to stay.
My brief was to make this bathroom a room that would impress anyone who walks through its door and I think we nailed it.
We spared no expense on the products selected to fill this bathroom. The floor tiles were imported from Italy and cut down to our specified size to then create a herringbone pattern on the floor. The incredible hand snapped Italian glass mosaics that clad the wall behind the vanity is nothing short of luxurious. This was our stand out feature which creates a moody and glamorous atmosphere within the room. The gloss finish on the mosaics create a sparkle at different times of the day depending on how the light hits its reflective surface.
The vanity and mirror were both custom made and the ceiling mounted basin spout helps centre this space and adds to the overall glamour factor. There is a combination of three different finishes used for the tapware and accessories; copper, chrome and matt black. These three finishes wouldn’t necessarily be put together within such a small space. However with a strategic balanced placement throughout the bathroom they combine to create beautiful points of reference.
The highlight of this room no doubt are our copper elements; the hammered antique copper basin, polished copper bath with nickel exterior and black + copper pendant lights. They are all show stoppers in their own right and paired with a navy, black and white scheme really contrast the other finishes beautifully.
Considering this was a fairly small space the layout works functionally and the finishes work harmoniously together without competing with one another. A stunning bathroom that is elegant in appearance and works efficiently as a bathroom should.
Written by Sarah Nolen of Birdblack Design

Project Type: Bathroom Renovation Architect: Birdblack Design Photographer: Hannah Ladic Photography