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Robertson Renovation
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Robertson Renovation

Situated in the beautiful farmland of Robertson was a rambling old dysfunctional brick veneer farm house, with one bad addition after another, most architects and builders would’ve demolished the house entirely, to start fresh. Instead the house has been transformed into another Glenn Murcutt masterpiece.

Somehow Glenn has managed to establish his signature design style and totally transform the exterior of the house, achieve great views with solar gain and cross ventilation, whilst maintaining the exact footprint of the old house. No one believes us when we tell them this was a renovation, they all think it was a new build.

As expected we had our fair share of challenges whilst completing the renovation. We had to prop and maintain the roof to remove portions of walls, bearers, joists & flooring, to install a new hydronic heated suspended concrete slab. Which had to be completed in sections to allow shifting of props to maintain the roof support.

Also, there was a large amount of structural steel that had to be delicately craned into the structure to allow all of the new spaces and ceiling lines to be achieved. This was like threading a needle, trying to work out ways to get them in through the existing roof structure that was still propped up precariously.

For the exterior, any of the remaining old brick walls were battened and clad with sawn face shiplap western red cedar, stained black. A new galvanised iron roof was added along with gutters that have the ‘Murcutt ‘detailed ends. Galvanised flat sheet panels clad the highlight remotely operated velux windows. As for the rest of the windows in the house, they’ve been cleverly used throughout the building, and include a mix of, steel framed windows, commercial aluminium windows, a breezeway louvre window wall, and custom timber windows & screens.

Welcoming you inside is an incredible spotted gum, glass, and brass, pivoting front door. Where you’ll then step onto Brazilian limestone floor tiles that have been used throughout the main areas of the house as well as in the bathrooms.

Stepping into the living area the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible view coming from the signature ‘Murcutt’ splayed windows – these windows have deep sills, and ventilation hidden inside flaps of hoop pine ply. Which also lines the walls, in the form of lining boards.

Custom made slatted light fittings travel from the garden room through to the living room. Where a signature ‘Murcutt’ designed and approved Jetmaster special red finished firebox and full length steel flues that had to be craned in through the roof into position, is sitting.

Sitting above majority of the doors are internal glass highlights, helping provide extra light into each room.

The kitchen joinery and bathroom vanities are all custom made. However, in order to stick to the budget the TV joinery & robes have been fitted out with Ikea systems.

The barn style garage doors are custom made with concealed automation.

A heat pump system runs both the hot water & hydronic heating. And the electrical, plumbing & water lines were all completely renewed.

There were so many details to conform to – far too many to mention.

I feel the best way to sum up this project is with the old saying, “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear”. Well I think we’ve proved that saying wrong with this project.

Project Type: Renovation Architect: Glenn Murcutt Photographer: Hannah Ladic
  • Galvanised Iron Roof
  • Sawn face shiplap western red cedar cladding, stained black
  • Gutters with 'Murcutt' detailed ends
  • Remote operated Velux windows
  • Breezeway louvre window wall
  • Spotted gum, glass, and brass, pivoting front door
  • Custom made barn style garage doors, with concealed automation
  • Brazilian limestone floor tiles
  • Signature 'Murcutt' splayed windows, that have deep sills concealing ventilation hidden inside flaps of hoop pine ply
  • Hoop pine ply lining boards
  • Custom made slatted light fittings
  • Garden room
  • Custom made Jetmaster special red finished firebox, with full length steel flues
  • Internal glass highlights sit above each door
  • Custom made kitchen and bathroom joinery