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6 upgrades that pay off at resale

Are you looking at selling your home but know that it needs some sprucing up beforehand? Not sure where to get started? If this sounds like you then the following upgrades are sure to help make your life easier, as well as benefit the sale price of your home. It’s a win win!

First off: Update that kitchen!

As the saying goes, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Whether big or small, old or new, it’s where everyone gathers after a long day of work or school, or during social occasions amongst friends and family. A prospective buyer wants to imagine themselves and their family coming together in the kitchen, maybe that’s creating delicious homey meals with loved ones, or talking about their day. The kitchen is an important part of the house.

Renovating can be an expensive and laborious task, which is why potential homebuyers will appreciate the fact that you’ve already gone the extra mile for them. A renovated kitchen is “move in ready” and that’s what today’s busy people want.

Depending on your budget there are a couple of routes you can go down when remodelling your kitchen.

  • Custom  – Seeking out a cabinet maker/ joiner is a more expensive option, however the end result will be a quality finished kitchen, tailored perfectly to the space and your specifications  (colours, finishes, styles, materials etc), that will stand the test of time.
  • Flat packs – Are a great idea no matter what your budget is. Previously flat packs were boring and bland however that’s no longer the case, now you’re able to pick and choose between different styles, colours and finishes, customising it suit you and your needs/ potential home buyers.

Updating the kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that a whole remodel is in order. There are plenty of other options out there to help give your kitchen a face lift. These could range from purchasing new hardware (knobs for drawers etc), repainting cabinets, updating the benchtop, replacing the sink, or even buying some new appliances (dishwasher, oven etc). Little things go a long way.

Next up: The bathroom

There are a few options when it comes to the bathroom, but first we need to discuss how many bathrooms there are vs how many bedrooms. If you have a 3 bedroom house with only 1 bathroom, you’re better off adding another bathroom rather than upgrading your current one. Two bathrooms are far more desirable than 1. However if you’ve got your bathroom to bedroom ratio sorted then a simple update may be all thats required. Sprucing up your bathroom could be as simple as purchasing a new mirror, replacing the toilet, upgrading the lighting, fresh paint on the ceiling, a new towel rail, re-grouting tiles, and replacing broken tiles etc.

Or you may choose to go the whole hog and renovate – new tiles, new shower, new vanity and basin (with plenty of storage), a fresh toilet, and adding a bath – if previously there was only a shower (but only if space permits). etc etc.

It’s time to talk: Paint

Painting is one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your home, but not only that, it can affect the way you feel. This could be calming, energised, positive, or negative, the list is endless! So choosing the right colour matters, not just for the resale value. You want to show off a homes qualities rather than detract from them, and painting is the perfect way to do just that.

When choosing a paint colour take into consideration the style and theme of the home. White is always a good colour as it never dates and helps to add a feeling of spaciousness, which is perfect if you have a modest house, or if the room you’re painting is quite small.

Neutrals… You can’t go wrong with neutrals! They always work. So if you’re looking for a touch of colour this could be the option for you. A good idea is to include a warm neutral in the kitchen area to help give it a comforting and homey feel (this is the heart of the home after all!), the last thing you want is prospective buyers turning down the house because it felt cold and unwelcoming.

If neutrals and whites aren’t your thing and you’re feeling a little daring (go you good thing!), then I’d advise plenty of colour testing and some careful consideration, in saying that though, all it takes is a few weekends and some white paint and you’ve got yourself a blank canvas again. Heading in this direction is where you really need to work with the style and theme of your home. For example, if your home is Mediterranean style then sunny earthy tones would work great! Think burnt oranges, muted yellows, or even deep reds. You want to steer clear from blues and greens etc.

When painting the exterior of the house, a great guide for choosing a colour/s is to match it to the Architectural style or era, or to stick with a neutral colour – cool earthy tones, neutrals, pure white, blue-grey, sunny earthy tones, and rich blue are all great options.      

Make sure that the colours you choose to paint your house, whether internally or externally, match tonally from room to room. It doesn’t matter if they’re at opposite ends of the house, you want your home to flow, not clash.

Moving on to: Flooring

It doesn’t matter how well you’ve looked after your carpet or timber floor, there will always be a need to replace them. Whether thats due to everyday wear and tear, outdated styles, or to remove any damage caused by pets. When choosing a floor type there are many things to consider – budget, durability, installation, & maintenance.

If your budget is tight then look at options such as laminate flooring (which you could lay yourself), or porcelain and ceramic tiles. BUT if you’ve got a bit more money in the kitty, then maybe go for some hardwood, or a nice engineered wood flooring.

Options for choosing a floor type that’s resilient to wear and tear, may include concrete, slate, and ceramic & porcelain tiles. Steer clear from less durable materials such as, timber and laminate.

If you’re wanting to get your hands dirty by installing the floor yourself, then laminate or vinyl flooring tend to be easier options for homeowners. Otherwise you’re better off calling in the professionals.

When it comes to maintenance, most people prefer to keep it as minimal as possible. Therefore, tiles, laminate, and concrete are your best bet. But if maintenance is no issue then go your hardest!

Let’s not forget about: Outdoor Living Area’s

An Australian Summer wouldn’t be complete without having your friends and family over for a BBQ – everyone gathered on the deck, chatting & laughing with a drink in hand…

If your home doesn’t currently have an outdoor entertaining area, then you should definitely consider adding one. You can keep it as simple as adding a deck and pergola, or you could go the whole hog by creating an all-weather outdoor entertaining area. At the end of the day, both options will contribute to a higher resale value, annnd some great memories.

Last but not least: Curb Appeal

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.

The first thing potential buyers see is the front of your house, so ensure it looks tidy, well kept, and welcoming.

The exterior of a home cops a beating from the weather. Which is why repainting automatically transforms the look of a home. As does dressing up that tired, old front door. Give it a pop of colour with some paint, or buy a nice new hardwood door and put a wreath on it.

Replacing any old hardwood is a quick and easy way to update the facade of your home. Think fresh house numbers, a new door lock set, and light fittings, and I’m sure a new mailbox wouldn’t go astray.

Families want a home that feels welcoming. A great way to exude that feeling is by adding some life with pot plants on the front verandah.

This last one is probably a given but… The lawn MUST be mowed! And any existing gardens should be pruned and weeded.



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