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Mud Rooms: What are they & How to use them
Mud Rooms

Mud Rooms provide an area that helps the transition from outside to inside, and vice versa. They’re a place to dump muddy clothes, sandy beachwear, shoes, &  the dog lead… the list is endless. They’re practical, mess saving spaces, that are often incorporated into the laundry or entryway of a home.

To create a successful mud room, planning is key. You need to think about how you’re going to use the space in order to know what is needed in the design. The following are some ideas you may want to consider.


Seating is a must! When you enter your home after a long day of work it’d be nice to sit down whilst you take off your shoes. Now the size, amount or type of seating isn’t crucial. You could choose to have a chair, a stool, or bench seating (whether that’s freestanding or built in), it’s completely up to you and what will suit you and your families needs.

Hooks & Storage

Hooks & Storage help to keep your mud room tidy and organised. Allow plenty of storage for shoes. That could be in the form of putting in a shoe cupboard, utilising the space underneath your bench seating, or using some crates & cane baskets (one for each member of the family would do the trick). Now that we’ve got shoe storage sorted, lets move onto hooks. Another essential. Having somewhere you can hang up your handbag, scarf, jacket, and the kids school bags, will make such a difference in keeping your household organised. No longer will you need to worry about forgetting your jacket on your way out the door, or accidentally leaving your kids school bag behind. Try and ensure that each member of the family have their own hook, this will help avoid any arguments and provide optimal organisation.

Depending on the location and size of your mudroom, if you can squeeze in some extra storage, then go for it! Nobody ever complained about having to much storage. It can be used to hold extra bedding or towels, clothing, or any other household items that don’t yet have a home.

Shower & Toilet

Again this all depends on the size and location of the area, as well as family needs. If you’re a farmer, live near the beach, or have kids that are always getting grubby in the backyard, then the addition of a shower will help solve the problem of trudging dirt and mud throughout the house, just to get to the bathroom. It’ll also help during those times when everyones rushing around trying to get ready at the same time.

The addition of a toilet comes with many benefits. Whether you’re doing some gardening or general yard work/maintenance, toilet breaks can be a hassle – you have to take off those dirty shoes, & dust off your clothes before entering the home. But including a toilet in your mud room means you can trudge on in with your dirty shoes and it’s no big deal. It’s also great for when the kids have friends over and they’re playing in the backyard. Or for those times when the main bathroom is occupied and you’re absolutely busting!

Besides, just think of the resale benefits! You can’t go wrong with an extra toilet & shower.


Your choice of flooring is an important decision. Especially as this room will likely have a high level of traffic. You want something durable and low maintenance that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. And lets not forget about those pesky pets that we all love so much! You’ll have to take them into consideration when choosing a flooring material. Avoid materials such as timber & laminate, as they will hold onto water and swell up, and they both scratch easily. Some good options may include, slate, sealed concrete, glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles, and sealed bricks, all of which can handle the water brought inside with umbrellas & muddy shoes. They’re very resilient materials that are easy to clean, and will last a long time. Meaning your mud room floor won’t need to be replaced any time soon.


Lighting can make or break a space, and as the mud room will be a frequently used room it needs to be functional. This means confirming you have the correct lighting plan, to help make the space work for you.

The lighting for this room will depend on where it’s located and how much natural light the room receives. Remember that the type of lights you choose will be partly responsible for the mood and personality of the room. As it’s a functional space, adding some warmth will help to soften the mood. Pendants and flush-mount lighting are great for this. You want the space to feel welcoming – especially after a long day at work. So steer clear from recessed lighting.

Pet Washing Station

Dogs love to run through muddy puddles and roll around in smelly things – it’s what they do! And unfortunately, we as pet owners have to deal with the consequences (a smelly hand after petting our furry friends! Yucky!).

You probably plan on washing your dog more often, but come on, It’s an absolute pain in the backside, especially when they wind up for that big shake at the end and water goes everywhere! The solution, add a pet washing station to your mudroom. That way your pooches dirty paws won’t have the chance to make it into the rest of the house.

First of all you need to ensure the materials you choose are suitable for a wet area (to avoid any water damage). The next step is to install a handheld shower head. It will save time and make the process so much easier. You should also think about adding a larger drain to help with the pet hair.

And once you’ve finished washing your pet (and have given them a towel dry), shut the door & let them shake it out in the mud room!


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